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Our Qualifications

Graduate of the Carson Dunlop College Home Inspection Course

On Sight Inspectors are Site Basic Level 1 WETT Certified, having completed the in class written course material and exams as well as the 80 weeks of field experience. These inspections are visual and non-invasive in nature.

Member in good standing with Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) as well as the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNachi).

Real Estate Professionals- Book inspections with a simple click on your smartphone through Agent Book. Call or email for details on how to obtain your personal code.

Registered Member –  Brookfield Global Relocation Services 

About Us

For more than 30 years I have been continuously renovating homes I’ve lived in, as well as my family and friends homes. During this time I’ve found countless issues that had gone undetected or ignored, turning inexpensive items into costly ones. Frustrated by this, I realized that most of these could have been avoided by either having a proper Home Inspection done or by ensuring that the one that was done was done correctly.

When I decided to change careers, I was encouraged to go in the direction of Home Inspection.

Hi Andy

The report looked great, the inspection was very professional.I appreciate that you took the time to explain things to us.
I would highly recommend you, and I expect to do business with you in the future.


Jason Denko

Mississauga ON

Andy is a very honest and thorough Home Inspector. He goes through the home as if it were his own. Noting where work needs to be done and the timeline to do so! I found Andy very knowledgeable and willing to teach as he goes along!
Thank you for the care you took with our home! I would recommend Andy to anyone who needs a top quality home inspection!

John Vandermeer

Who needs a Home Inspection anyway?

Most people consider buying a home stressful, yet, surprisingly enough the one component to making it less stressful is often neglected. The home inspection. In the past, home buying was generally a buyer beware purchase. You found a home you liked, made the offer to purchase and once accepted, the house was yours, lock stock and barrel, and leaking toilet, and outdated electrical, and that extra bundle of shingles under the crawlspace for those rainy nights. While home inspections cannot uncover all of the problems that time has left behind, it can shed some light on the more obvious and perhaps more expensive components in your potentially new castle before you sign on the dotted line. Consider these reasons for getting a home inspection:

It's your biggest investment.
Canadians aren’t known for being big savers. In fact most have their savings tied up entirely intheir homes. Imagine if you were to purchase the proverbial “money pit”, you could risk watching your biggest investment being eaten up by expenses.
A detailed Home Inspection report.
A detailed home inspection, by a qualified inspector, will identify repairs the property may require. More importantly, it will call your attention to any potential structural deficiencies.These types of deficiencies are more significant than broken windows, cracked siding, or loose shingles. It could be that there is a problem with the foundation, the walls, and even the support structure beneath the roof shingles.These are large expenses that you will want to know about before you complete the purchase.
Be fully educated on your purchase

One of the most important reasons for identifying deficiencies is to assist in educating the buyer about the home and to give them an opportunity to request they be repaired before you close on the property. There may be certain repairs that will not become obvious until after you’ve been living in the property, our job, as a qualified home inspector, is to make you aware of those that should be addressed upfront.

The negotiation tool.
One aspect of a home inspection that many buyers overlook is that it can be one of your best tools for negotiation. Even if you have already settled on a price, one of the largest benefits of the home inspection is uncovering major deficiencies that you were unaware of during negotiations. Our best interests are with the client and the home, we’re not there to kill the deal, just to uncover the deficiencies and report them as we see them so you as a buyer know exactly what you’re getting. That’s why it’s important to have the home inspection condition in your offer. Unexpected costly issues can possibly be re-negotiated before the condition is removed.
The Jack of no trades.
If you are not good at home repairs, then having a home inspection done is strongly advised. Minor repairs noted during a home inspection can be inexpensive “easy fixes” for someone with some basic home repair skills. Be honest with yourself about how much repair work you can handle as paying a contractor to perform repairs can be costly.
Insurance companies rule!

Many home insurance companies are now requiring a home inspection for protection against foundation issues, water damage, and flooding, and to pinpoint structural issues. Foundation issues are a common problem in some areas of the country, and they can be quite costly to repair. Even if your insurance company doesn’t require a Home Inspection, you may qualify for a discount if you provide one for them.

Is there a water leak in the basement, bathroom or kitchen? The right combination of moisture, warmth and wood can produce mold in as little as 48 hours. Allergies and respiratory issues may follow. If there is visible evidence of potential mold, a qualified home inspector will be certain to let you know.
To avoid being hit with major repair bills right after you move in.
Typically, at the time the home closes, buyers are the most financially vulnerable. Much of your savings has been applied towards down payment, moving and closing costs. You may also have other expenses after closing for appliances, furniture or redecorating. All of these can leave you with very little money for unexpected repairs. The last thing you need when you are stretched tight is a surprise repair bill! Sometimes you discover it during heavy rain, powerful winds, or a major snowstorm. Regardless of how it happens, it can be a real blow to your finances. A home inspection can educate you on potential future repairs so you can plan ahead!
Forecasting future expenses.
An experienced home inspector can give you advice about future repairs and regular maintenance on your new home along with an approximate time frame of when the repairs should take place.


For a small percentage of the overall purchase price, you’re left with a wealth of information on one of the largest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. Check out our gallery for some insight into common deficiencies that are found during a routine home inspection.

Our Services

Pre Purchase Inspections

While purchasing a home can prove to be both exciting and daunting at the same time, a home inspection done before finalizing the deal would prove to be most beneficial

Pre Listing Inspections

Most vendors overlook the benefits of a pre-listing home inspection, it can prove to be beneficial in two ways:

  1. You have the opportunity to address any issues BEFORE the house is listed.
  2. Can Help to eliminate the need for a home inspection condition in the offer to purchase, accelerating the sale.
Condominium Inspections

House hunting for a condo is great for those of us who wish to have the location and all of the amenities without the added work of maintaining a property, however, just because you don’t own the bricks around the condo there are still areas within those walls that need to be inspected before committing to condo life. The Status Certificate lets you know some of the past maintenance history, but the Home Inspection will give you a better look at the current state of your condo unit.

WETT Inspections

OnSight inspectors are Site Basic Level 1 WETT certified to inspect wood burning appliances in your home. Most insurance companies require a WETT inspection before a policy will be issued. The cost of a  WETT inspection is reduced if combined with a home inspection.

Professional Reporting System

On Sight Home Inspection uses one of the best reporting systems on the market today that will produce high quality images to describe any observations as well as recommendations to improve or correct what we come across while inspecting your home that is easy to read and understand.

What Is Expected To Be Inspected

Whether you are looking to purchase or sell a property, it is always in your best interest to have it inspected. A professional home inspection can save you a lot of trouble down the road by finding potential complications. Click the link below to get a better idea of what we are looking for when we go through a property!